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VMC 72004 Geranium, 8g

VMC 72004  Geranium, 8g
Price: 2.232.23
  • Flower paints

    Static grasses and soils enable us to create wonderful landscapes,

    but wild flowers and flower beds are also required to make meadows and gardens realistic. The flower paints enable providing lively colours for wild flowers and modelling neat flower beds.

    Recommended use

    Apply glue carefully in spots on the top of the spread static grasses using a paintbrush, and add the flower paint to the spots using the static grass flocking device. Instantly remove the excess quantity with a vacuum cleaner, and your flowers are ready! To make flower beds, prepare geometric shapes, but use irregular spots and more colours for wild flower meadows.

  • Ordered quantityDisc.Product Price
    1 pcs. more thanless than 5 pcs.None!2.23 €/pcs.
    5 pcs. more thanless than 10 pcs.2 %2.18 €/pcs.
    10 pcs. more thanless than 20 pcs.3 %2.16 €/pcs.
    20 pcs. more than 5 %2.11 €/pcs.
  • Bar code
    H0, TT, N, Z
    Article No.
    1.5 g/pcs.
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