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VMC 70051 Lawn, 2mm (100g)

VMC 70051 Lawn, 2mm (100g)
Price: 6.13
  • Static grass, 2 mm

    When applying grass, we recommend choosing a product that can be sprinkled in a static way, as this looks the most realistic in the layout.

    We offer a uniquely wide range of colours to select the most appropriate product. We advise using grasses of different colours and length near each other, to avoid getting homogenous and monochromatic surfaces. This however, does not apply to a true English lawn. :-)

    Recommended use

    Apply VMC static grass glue to the area for the grass. Please ensure that you only prepare a surface of adequate size, enabling comfortable work. When making lawn, parks, gardens, apply the glue evenly to the surface for the best results. To create meadows and glades, use mulches and leave unglued spots on the surface when applying grass, thus creating a surface with spots of grass. Then spray the grass by using any electrostatic grass flocking device, but this work may also be performed using tweezers for each bunch of grass. When using the electrostatic grass flocking device, do not forget that the tool only applies well to related conductive surfaces. You may have to replace the connector for each spot.

  • Ordered quantityDisc.Product Price
    1 pcs. more thanless than 5 pcs.None!6.13 €/pcs.
    5 pcs. more thanless than 10 pcs.2 %6.01 €/pcs.
    10 pcs. more thanless than 20 pcs.3 %5.95 €/pcs.
    20 pcs. more than 5 %5.82 €/pcs.
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    H0, TT, N, Z
    Article No.
    115 g/pcs.
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