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VMC 30114 General modelling glue 250g

VMC 30114 General modelling glue 250g
Price: 3.32
  • General modelling glues (transparent)

    Binds together everything you might need for model railway layouts:

    spreading material, mulches, stones, artificial stones, ceramit, polystyrene sheets, wood, plywood and uncoated papers. It remains transparent and waterproof after hardening. Available in different packages: 80 g, 250 g, 500 g, 1 kg. It does not contain organic solvents or harmful substances. Not flammable and not frost-tolerant, therefore it cannot be used under 5°C. Use within 1 year from opening. It is a water soluble, environment-friendly product.

    Recommended use

    Mix the adhesive materials before usage, it may also be diluted with water. Always perform a trial application to avoid further problems. Apply the glue to the surface at ambient temperature, the recommended quantity of glue (depending on the surface) is 100-200 g/m2. The complete hardening time if 24 hours. Before hardening, the drips of excess glue may be removed with a wet cloth.

  • Ordered quantityDisc.Product Price
    1 pcs. more thanless than 5 pcs.None!3.32 €/pcs.
    5 pcs. more thanless than 10 pcs.2 %3.26 €/pcs.
    10 pcs. more thanless than 20 pcs.3 %3.22 €/pcs.
    20 pcs. more than 5 %3.16 €/pcs.
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    340 g/pcs.
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