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VMC 10425 Track ballast, dark grey, 600g (H0)

VMC 10425  Track ballast, dark grey, 600g (H0)
  • VMC 10425  Track ballast, dark grey, 600g (H0)
  • VMC 10425  Track ballast, dark grey, 600g (H0)
  • VMC 10425  Track ballast, dark grey, 600g (H0)
Price: 2.362.36
  • Track ballast

    Build realistic tracks with VMC track ballasts!

    There are multiple colours to choose from, enabling you to build a variety of track systems, and also to present the stages of attrition in your layout. For modern tracks use the dark grey track ballasts, and we will soon be offering light grey track ballasts also to model newly constructed tracks. At the stations the brake dust emitted by stopping trains colours the stones to brown, and this effect may be applied by using the brown track ballasts. (This colour may also be used at other sections, like crossings and signals, where trains frequently apply brakes and slow down.) The typically dark brown track ballasts of obsolete sidetracks may be constructed using VMC's dark brown track ballast product. The stones coloured by rust under old main lines may be presented the most realistically using VMC's rusty brown track ballast. VMC track ballasts are offered in H0/TT and N/Z gauges in packages of 600 grams in practical storage boxes

    Recommended use

    Track ballasts may be used for any types of track systems, but pay attention to not spreading the stones above the level of the railway sleepers. After laying the tracks, sleepers should be coloured with black paint and rust paint shall be applied to the sides of the track lines. Then you may proceed to spread the track ballasts.1. Applying dirt to the railway sleepers with a paintbrush and black paint 2. Applying rust to the track lines Track ballasts may be spread using two different methods: Apply General Modelling Glue between the railway sleepers at every 15 cm section (the easiest way is to drip it through the tip of the glue can) and spread the track ballast on the tracks with a teaspoon and thoroughly arrange it. After hardening, remove the excess materials (e.g. with a vacuum cleaner). Use a track ballast flocking device or a teaspoon to spread the track ballast between the sleepers and then drip VMC Track Ballast Glue all along.

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    640 g/pcs.
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