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VMC 10202 Rock dust, sandstone 400g

VMC 10202  Rock dust, sandstone 400g
  • VMC 10202  Rock dust, sandstone 400g
  • VMC 10202  Rock dust, sandstone 400g
Price: 2.71
  • Rock dusts (layout construction materials)

    Easily create mountains, rock walls and hills with our rock dusts!

    Use it to form rocks, to paint rolled rocks and also to entirely produce your surface. There are several colours which may also be combined. The landscape made from rock dust is a perfect basis for further decoration efforts.

    Recommended use

    Mix the rock dust with water to ensure a "wet ground" texture. Use it as a coating, construct individual terrain elements and paint with it in a diluted form. When combined with general modelling glue it provides an extra hard material that sticks better on surfaces. The only limit to usages if your fantasy. It provides enough time till hardening to create perfect shapes.

  • Ordered quantityDisc.Product Price
    1 pcs. more thanless than 5 pcs.None!2.71 €/pcs.
    5 pcs. more thanless than 10 pcs.2 %2.65 €/pcs.
    10 pcs. more thanless than 20 pcs.3 %2.62 €/pcs.
    20 pcs. more than 5 %2.57 €/pcs.
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    H0, TT, N, Z
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    425 g/pcs.
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